Workshop with Dr. Nina Mueller

Workshop mit Nina Müller

On Sunday, 21 August 2022, a one-day training course with Dr. Nina Müller was held for professional colleagues at our premises. In particular, various pathological and normal changes in the posterior segment of the eye were examined. Dr. Nina Müller is a member of the board of the Swiss Professional Association for Optics and Optometry…

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Professional engagement

Vortrag am Kongress der Schweizer Optometristen Leo Neuweiler

Leo Neuweiler during his presentation at the Congress of Swiss Optometrists. As a board member, Nina Müller worked in advance on the planning and moderated the very successful congress on March 20/21, 2022.

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Welcome Nina Müller!

Nina Müller

It is a great pleasure to welcome Nina Müller to the Eschmann – Contactlinsen – Team on 01.01.2022. She strived consistent for the best possible clinical and academic knowledge, crowned with a Doctor of Optometry. She is rich in practical experience and has the appropriate personality to satisfy the highest demands.

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Do your eyes feel dry and gritty?

Dry air usually occurs during the cooler months when the indoor air is heated. When wearing a hygiene mask, air escaping upwards from the mask may amplify this circumstance, as the air flow over the surface of the eyes causes the thin fluid layer covering the ocular surface to evaporate. This in turn may intensify…

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New entrance area

The redesign of the entrance at Kramgasse 54 has now been completed. The spacious house, which once belonged to the von Tscharner family, has now been given a portal worthy of the old town and history. With the massive oak door and the sandstone arch, today’s entrance differs fundamentally from the open entrée that has…

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Wearing contact lenses remains safe even in pandemic times


Wearing contact lenses remains safe even in the times of COVID-19. To avoid infections of all kinds, the same rules still apply:   Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Then rinse thoroughly with water and dry your hands completely. Point 1 also applies if you wear daily disposable…

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Ocuvers Drops Gel /en

Ocuvers Gel Flasche und Packung f

Long-lasting good wetting and lubrication of the eye surfaces as a result of the high hyaluron content. Stabilizes the tear film sustainably. Unpreserved, “One Drop System”: optimal dosage, long lifetime. Can be used with or without contact lenses. Order per phone or e-mail

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Ocuvers Drops Relief /en

Ocuvers Relief Flasche und Packung f

The combination of bio-available electrolytes and hyaluron quickly restores and balances the natural tear film. Unpreserved in the pump bottle: easy handling, long lifetime. Can be used with or without contact lenses. Order per phone or e-mail

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