Contact Lenses

A Wide Range of Possibilities with Contact Lenses

We are delighted that you are interested in contact lenses!

No matter whether you want to wear contact lenses for aesthetic, optical, professional or medical reasons or simply as occasional change to glasses, the options are nearly unlimited. As there are different types of vision deficits and needs, there are also different types of lenses. We will be happy to determine which type of lens is best suitable for you in a consultation which may include a detailed optometric examination. We will literally take a close look at your eyes.

Soft Hydrogel and Silicone-Hydrogel Contact Lenses

The most popular type of contact lens is the soft lens; it is comfortable right from the start, you hardly feel it on your eye and it is suitable for the correction of many different types of ametropia. Depending on the type, soft lenses are replaced every day, every 14 days, after one month, every 3 months, every six months or every year.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are suitable to correct all visual deficits, including irregular surfaces caused by injuries or diseases of the eye. The latter is an area, where soft lenses are at their limits. Rigid gas permeable contact lenses initially give a slight foreign body sensation, the period of accommodation takes more or less 6 weeks. However, the long-term tolerance as well as the oxygen supply to the eye are unmatched. Rigid gaspermeable contact lenses are replaced approx. every 1-3 years.

Scleral Lenses

Larger than conventional rigid gaspermeable contact lenses, scleral lenses bridge the sensitive cornea and provide a high level of wearing comfort. They are mainly used in special cases when the desired results cannot be achieved with soft or rigid gas permeable contact lenses. The most sophisticated and customized scleral lens is the EyePrintPro™.

Cosmetic / Prosthetic Contact Lenses

When the natural appearance of the eye is lost, whether through accident or disease, the fitting of prosthetic contact lenses offers a possibility to achieve satisfying aesthetics. A soft contact lens or scleral lens with an iris pattern makes the injured eye look so similar to the contralateral eye, that outsiders can hardly tell the difference. If the natural iris structure is damaged, a contact lens with iris print additionally reduces light sensitivity, as the amount of the incoming light is reduced.

In order to maintain the good tolerance of contact lenses, we will check your eyes and the contact lenses at least once a year. In this way you will achieve the best possible visual and wearing comfort as well as the necessary user safety.

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Overnight Vision Correction / Ortho-K

Overnight Vision Correction with Orthokeratology lenses is particularly beneficial for people who want to be independent of a visual aid all day long or who cannot achieve satisfactory wearing comfort with conventional contact lenses.

These individually fitted, rigid gaspermeable contact lenses are worn while sleeping, during these hours they gently and specifically reshape the cornea of the eye. You will experience good vision all day long without wearing any contact lenses or spectacles.

For children, Ortho-K lenses are used to slow down the progression of myopia as part of myopia management.

The following visual deficiencies are suitable for correction with Ortho-K contact lenses:

  • Mild to moderate myopia up to -4.50 diopters
  • Astigmatism up to -1.50 diopters
  • Presbyopia (with correction of myopia)

In contrast to laser correction, correction with Ortho-K contact lenses is always reversible. This means that the effect disappears and the natural visual deficiency returns as soon as you stop wearing Ortho-K lenses for a longer period of time.

We would be happy to check with you whether your eyes are suitable for this correction method.


Contact Lens Care Products

Lens care must be tailored to individual needs, the physiology of the eye and the type of lens selected. Multifunctional solutions, peroxide systems and combinations of cleaning and storage solutions are used.



We offer a wide range of contact lens containers, tweezers, suction cups, mirrors, rubber mats for the washbasin, travel sets and much more. Come and see us, we are sure to have something suitable for you!