Do your eyes feel dry and gritty?

Liponit 2

Dry air usually occurs during the cooler months when the indoor air is heated. When wearing a hygiene mask, air escaping upwards from the mask may amplify this circumstance, as the air flow over the surface of the eyes causes the thin fluid layer covering the ocular surface to evaporate.

This in turn may intensify burning, dry, or gritty eyes. The term "MADE" (Mask Associated Dry Eye) has recently been established. Care for the eyelids aims to protect the tear film from increased evaporation and therefore provides relief from these symptoms.

Daily warm compresses with the warming “LipoNit” gel mask, subsequent gentle massage of the eyelids and the final care with “Ocuvers Wipes” has proven to be an effective measure to activate the meibomian glands in the lids, which form the protective lipid layer of the tear film. We recommend that this care be carried out for at least 3 weeks in order to obtain the optimal effect.