Spende an Ärzte ohne Grenzen

The Royalty goes to Médecins Sans Frontières

29. March 2022
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Vortrag am Kongress der Schweizer Optometristen Leo Neuweiler

Professional engagement

24. March 2022

Leo Neuweiler during his presentation at the Congress of Swiss Optometrists. As a board member, Nina Müller worked in advance…

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Nina Müller

Welcome Nina Müller!

3. September 2021

It is a great pleasure to welcome Nina Müller to the Eschmann – Contactlinsen – Team on 01.01.2022. She strived…

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Liponit 2 - Eschmann-Contactlinsen

Do your eyes feel dry and gritty?

10. December 2020

During the heating period, the indoor air is often too dry. This year, the air escaping upwards from the hygiene…

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Stop the steam infographic Ausschnitt - Eschmann-Contactlinsen

Stop The Steam

10. December 2020
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IMG 20201111 100248 1 - Eschmann-Contactlinsen

New entrance area

12. November 2020

The redesign of the entrance at Kramgasse 54 has now been completed. The spacious house, which once belonged to the…

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Wearing contact lenses remains safe even in pandemic times

7. April 2020

Wearing contact lenses remains safe even in the times of COVID-19. To avoid infections of all kinds, the same rules…

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Ocuvers Gel Flasche und Packung f

Ocuvers Drops Gel /en

4. April 2020

Long-lasting good wetting and lubrication of the eye surfaces as a result of the high hyaluron content. Stabilizes the tear…

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Ocuvers Relief Flasche und Packung f

Ocuvers Drops Relief /en

4. April 2020

The combination of bio-available electrolytes and hyaluron quickly restores and balances the natural tear film. Unpreserved in the pump bottle:…

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Ocuvers Wipes /en

16. March 2020

The gentle care of the eyelid margin and stimulation of the tear component glands in the eyelids. (Often preferred mild…

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