Do your eyes feel dry and gritty?

Liponit 2 - Eschmann-Contactlinsen

During the heating period, the indoor air is often too dry. This year, the air escaping upwards from the hygiene mask may amplify this circumstance, because the air flow over the surface of the eyes causes tears to evaporate. This in turn may intensify burning, dry, or gritty eyes. The term “MADE” (Mask Associated Dry…

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New entrance area

IMG 20201111 100248 1 - Eschmann-Contactlinsen

The redesign of the entrance at Kramgasse 54 has now been completed. The spacious house, which once belonged to the von Tscharner family, has now been given a portal worthy of the old town and history. With the massive oak door and the sandstone arch, today’s entrance differs fundamentally from the open entrée that has…

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Wearing contact lenses remains safe even in pandemic times


Wearing contact lenses remains safe even in the times of COVID-19. To avoid infections of all kinds, the same rules still apply:   Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Then rinse thoroughly with water and dry your hands completely. Point 1 also applies if you wear daily disposable…

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Ocuvers Drops Gel /en

Ocuvers Gel Flasche und Packung f

Long-lasting good wetting and lubrication of the eye surfaces as a result of the high hyaluron content. Stabilizes the tear film sustainably. Unpreserved, “One Drop System”: optimal dosage, long lifetime. Can be used with or without contact lenses. Order per phone or e-mail

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Ocuvers Drops Relief /en

Ocuvers Relief Flasche und Packung f

The combination of bio-available electrolytes and hyaluron quickly restores and balances the natural tear film. Unpreserved in the pump bottle: easy handling, long lifetime. Can be used with or without contact lenses. Order per phone or e-mail

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Ocuvers Wipes /en


The gentle care of the eyelid margin and stimulation of the tear component glands in the eyelids. (Often preferred mild make-up removal product) … developed for the daily care of the eyelid margin in case of dry eye or inflammation of the eyelid margin. Due to the sodium hyaluronate and aloe vera contained in the…

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glens – spare reading glasses


… the best choice if you have forgotten your regular reading glasses at home. Thanks to their convenient credit card size, glens reading glasses will accompany you wherever you go, be it in your wallet, mobile phone case or trouser pocket. We will be happy to show you the small emergency glasses at our office…

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EyePrintPro™ /en

Eye Print

We are pleased to offer you the EyePrintPro™ technology. EyePrintPro™ lenses are manufactured exactly according to your eye shape. In unsatisfactory conventional contact lens and scleral lens wear they provide a promising new option. Tolerability is raised to a new level by the exact reproduction of the eye surface, the optic zone is centered and…

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